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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Invocation offered at the MFD Chamber of Commerce Award Luncheon

Eternal God, Righteous and Loving Father:

We pause to acknowledge You and to seek Your Blessing on our gathering today. We are grateful for what we are experiencing -- the comfort of this beautiful facility, friends and the sumptuous meal we are about to enjoy.

In the midst of our good fortune our thoughts turn to our neighbors in a nearby nation. We continue to lift up the people of Haiti who are suffering greatly at this time. We ask that the help, sent by so many of us, would quickly reach those who are in a most desperate situation. We pray that our service personnel and the many relief workers would be given wisdom and strength to deal most effectively with the multitude of needs they are attempting to aide.

We also ask for Your protection of our brave men and women on a different mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. We remember our President and leaders in Washington -- as well as our State and Community -- give direction to them as they deal with the great issues of our time.

Lastly, we thank you for the good done through the service of those being honored today. Inspire us to leave here and emulate their good deeds.

For Your honor and glory, Oh Lord, we pray; Amen.

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