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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pro Life

Many churches across America recently recognized the “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday” (Roe vs. Wade Anniversary) while other churches focused on the civil rights struggle (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed January 18). Also, the third week of January is designated for a call for "Christian Unity."

In addition to these emphases, the tragic situation in Haiti was probably noted by just about all congregations around the Country. I see in the faces of the children in Haiti a connecting theme—the value of ALL people regardless of their status in life. Young and old, male and female, black and white; “all are precious in His sight.”

Horrendous catastrophes like the Haiti earthquake, the tsunami in the Far East and even 9/11 serve to remind us of our common humanity. These situations should cause us to see and respond appropriately by changing our attitudes and actions.

Be “Pro Life” – Give and support children and their families in our community and especially now where needed most in a neighboring nation.

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